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Lancashire Talking. This is a way residents in the community can take a very quick 3 question survey and tell us the top issues affecting them in the area they live. This information is then sent to the local team and myself and allows these issues to be prioritised. In other words, this service allows people in the community to directly influence Policing priorities where they live.


To make it easier to navigate directly to the website, police have created a QR code – this code can be scanned by a mobile phone and it will take the person straight to the page to sign up and/or take the survey. Once this has been done, the person can send and receive messages and build a direct line of communication with the local Policing Team. Information we have received so far from Lancashire Talking has assisted police in dealing with drug dealers and conducting warrants at addresses, respond to ASB, dog fouling, speeding motorists etc etc.


Sometimes the 101 service is extremely busy and people are on hold or simply cannot get through. This service is another way of alerting police to non-emergency issues in the community, such as ASB and allows police to then build a better response.

Stay in the Know

Stay in the Know.

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